Welcome to Divi-Vest Advisors!  Divi-Vest is an independent money management firm serving institutional and individual investors, since 1991.  Divi-Vest’s large-cap equity account, Equity Value Portfolio (EVP), continues to prove that blue chip stock investing can be richly rewarding.  ALL-CAP Portfolio, our multi-cap equity offering, earns high marks by investing in large, medium, and small companies.
Divi-Vest’s ability to deliver high relative returns while reducing downside-risk is primarily due to our “avoid losers” investment philosophy.  We begin with the premise that all stock portfolios are made up of three parts: winners, average performers, and losers.  Avoiding losers, or at least trying to avoid as many as possible, allows the winning stocks in a portfolio to have a greater, more positive impact on bottom-line performance.  How we implement our “avoid losers” investment philosophy centers on current dividend yield, in particular, high current dividend yield.  Divi-Vest believes that high dividend paying stocks are often stocks that have already undergone price corrections, providing investors with opportunities to invest at low prices.  By investing in stocks that trade at low prices, we reduce our chances of owning losers.  Secondly, stocks that pay high dividends help us gain an uncommon advantage, in creating total return.
  Total Return = Growth + Dividends - Expenses
Many equity managers, trained by the largest financial firms on Wall Street, follow a growth or earnings approach towards investing in stocks. Growth managers largely ignore total return’s dividend and expense factors as key investment criteria.  Expense oriented managers choose to enhance total return by reducing expenses, while treating total return’s growth and dividend factors, passively.  Divi-Vest’s approach counters these popular investment strategies by incorporating all three total return factors into its investment process.  We believe from the way the above equation reads, that all three total return factors have significant mathematical value.  While growth accounts for much of total return in bull market cycles, dividends drive total return in bear cycles.  Equity managers that recognize the importance of growth and income, by investing in stocks that can deliver both, are more likely to achieve consistency in performance ... a key measure of investing success.
The EVP and ALL-CAP equity offerings are solid investment choices for investors seeking competitive, all-weather returns.  Please feel free to  request  our investment  brochure including updated performances .  I trust you will find that Divi-Vest offers attractive choices for today's stock market environment.  Additionally, Divi-Vest manages balanced accounts by combining EVP, or ALL-CAP, with bonds and/or bond funds.

If you have further interest in learning more about Divi-Vest Advisors you may call us directly at (610)  527-2802.  Thank you for your investment consideration. 

Truly yours,

R. Brent Byrne